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About this site

This site is the permanent archive for the old site unbalanced-parentheses.nfshost.com, which is no longer available at its original location and is no longer being updated. Some of the content in these posts may not be applicable to the archive version.

This site is dedicated to newLISP, which is a fun, free, easy-to-use Lisp-like scripting language available for most current operating systems. The posts are mainly short articles exploring various aspects of the language, and there are also some occasional attempts at humour and perhaps fun too. I’m not a programmer, so don’t expect to see any serious programming voodoo here.

The site is not associated with the developer of newLISP, Lutz Mueller, who can be found at the official newLISP web site.

Go away if…

If you’re a fundamentalist Lisp user, a newLISP-hater, or are just not interested in exploring newLISP, then please don’t bother to read anything here, and please don’t waste your time and mine by complaining about how newLISP isn’t a proper Lisp, isn’t as good as (insert name of some other Lisp here), doesn’t have Feature X or Facility Y, blah blah blah. You are wasting your (presumably) valuable time on a pointless and some would say objectionable activity – go and do something more useful with your time.

If you’re a spammer, don’t waste your time trying to get your comments published here. All comments are carefully reviewed before being posted, and I’m unlikely to approve yours, obviously. Also, your IP address will be added (possibly more than once) to the banned list, which means that sooner or later you won’t be able to load the site at all. It’s wasting much more of your time than mine. Again, please find something more useful to do. The world needs improving; try and do something to make it better.



  1. Hi! This isn’t meant so much as a comment as an attempt to make contact. I have enjoyed reading your blog in the past, and since this location is described as an archive, I wondered if you currently maintain a blog (on newLISP, specifically). I would be interested in following it.

    If not, I still wanted to thank you for keeping this archive around — my newLISPing is rather cyclic, and your articles help me to get “back in touch” when I return to newLISP.

    Again, no need to post this comment unless you, for some reason, want to (or care to respond in that way).


    Comment by David — May 15, 2011 @ 07:13 | Reply

    • Hi. Thanks for the kind words. I don’t have as much spare time these days, so this project has kind of fallen into history… but keeping it around seems like a good idea!

      Comment by newlisper — May 15, 2011 @ 09:03 | Reply

  2. Please keep this site up, and possibly with some updates every now and then.

    It is most useful to people that are coming to know lisp.

    Thank you for the great job. Truly appreciated!

    Comment by Guido — August 23, 2011 @ 18:42 | Reply

    • Thanks! If I do post anything new, though, I’ll have to change the name from “archive newLISPer”! :)

      Comment by newlisper — August 23, 2011 @ 18:46 | Reply

      • Archive is good, as long as it is a “live archive “)

        You have no idea how much your work here is helping me.

        Thank you again.

        Comment by Guido — August 24, 2011 @ 16:06

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