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June 27, 2008

Vacuum-tube Lisp

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I love the idea of a vacuum-tube computer running Lisp. Here’s Steve Russell:

I wrote the first implementation of a LISP interpreter on the IBM 704 at MIT in early in 1959.

The 704 family (704, 709, 7090) had “Address” and “Decrement” fields that were 15 bits long in some of the looping instructions. There were also special load and store instructions that moved these 15-bit addresses between memory and the index regiseters ( 3 on the 704, 7 on the others )

We had devised a representation for list structure that took advantage of these instructions.

Because of an unfortunate temporary lapse of inspiration, we couldn’t think of any other names for the 2 pointers in a list node than “address” and “decrement”, so we called the functions CAR for “Contents of Address of Register” and CDR for “Contents of Decrement of Register”.

After several months and giving a few classes in LISP, we realized that “first” and “rest” were better names, and we (John McCarthy, I and some of the rest of the AI Project) tried to get people to use them instead.

Alas, it was too late! We couldn’t make it stick at all. So we have CAR and CDR.

Like Steve, I much prefer first and rest to car and cdr. This approach is evident throughout newLISP, which usually leans towards a user-friendly and abbreviation-free approach to function naming.

But, although car and cdr have been uninspired for nearly 50 years, they have survived because they offer an extra geeky ability: you can add more a and d letters between the “c” and “r”, to produce functions with even weirder names. So caddr finds the car of the cdr of the cdr; you read from left to right, although the functions are applied from right to left as usual.

To be honest, I don’t know how I’ve managed to write any code at all in newLISP without having this readable and user-friendly syntax at my fingertips. So it’s time for newLISP to be ‘cdadderized’:

(define (car x) (first x))
(define (cdr x) (rest x))

(define (cdadderize x)
  (inc 'x)
  (set 'results '())
  (until (= x 0)
     (push   (% x 2) results)
     (set 'x (/ x 2)))
  (set 'results (rest results) 'f-name results)
  (map (fn (a b) (replace a results b)) '(0 1) '("(car " "(cdr "))
  (push (string "x"  (dup ")" (length results))) results -1)
  (set 'results (join results))
  (map (fn (a b) (replace a f-name b)) '(0 1) '("a" "d"))
  (letex ((fnm   (sym (string "c" (join f-name) "r")))
          (body results))
    (define (fnm x) (eval-string body))

(for (i 3 1022) (cdadderize i)) ; we did 1 and 2 :)

Not the prettiest code, but let’s run it and look at the new functions that have been defined:

(filter (fn (s)
    (and (starts-with  (name s) "ca|cd" 0)
         (ends-with (name s) "r")))
(caaaaaaaaaar caaaaaaaaadr caaaaaaaaar caaaaaaaadr caaaaaaaar caaaaaaadar caaaaaaaddr
caaaaaaadr caaaaaaar caaaaaadaar caaaaaadadr caaaaaadar caaaaaaddar caaaaaadddr
caaaaaaddr caaaaaadr caaaaaar caaaaadaaar caaaaadaadr caaaaadaar caaaaadadar caaaaadaddr
caaaaadadr caaaaadar caaaaaddaar caaaaaddadr caaaaaddar caaaaadddar caaaaaddddr
caaaaadddr caaaaaddr caaaaadr caaaaar caaaadaaaar caaaadaaadr caaaadaaar caaaadaadar
caaaadaaddr caaaadaadr caaaadaar caaaadadaar caaaadadadr caaaadadar caaaadaddar
caaaadadddr caaaadaddr caaaadadr caaaadar caaaaddaaar caaaaddaadr caaaaddaar caaaaddadar
caaaaddaddr caaaaddadr caaaaddar caaaadddaar caaaadddadr caaaadddar caaaaddddar
caaaadddddr caaaaddddr caaaadddr caaaaddr caaaadr caaaar caaadaaaaar caaadaaaadr
caaadaaaar caaadaaadar caaadaaaddr caaadaaadr caaadaaar caaadaadaar caaadaadadr
caaadaadar caaadaaddar caaadaadddr caaadaaddr caaadaadr caaadaar caaadadaaar caaadadaadr
caaadadaar caaadadadar caaadadaddr caaadadadr caaadadar caaadaddaar caaadaddadr
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caaadr caaar caadaaaaaar caadaaaaadr caadaaaaar caadaaaadar caadaaaaddr caadaaaadr
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caadr caar cadaaaaaaar cadaaaaaadr cadaaaaaar cadaaaaadar cadaaaaaddr cadaaaaadr
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cdddddaadar cdddddaaddr cdddddaadr cdddddaar cdddddadaar cdddddadadr cdddddadar
cdddddaddar cdddddadddr cdddddaddr cdddddadr cdddddar cddddddaaar cddddddaadr cddddddaar
cddddddadar cddddddaddr cddddddadr cddddddar cdddddddaar cdddddddadr cdddddddar
cddddddddar cdddddddddr cddddddddr cdddddddr cddddddr cdddddr cddddr cdddr cddr

Some useful tools there – surely some of these functions would be proud to appear in any Common Lisp program? How about the stretch-limo caaaaaaaaar, for one (“My god, it’s full of cars”)? Then there’s cadadar – north of the USA, if you have a cold. A few are useful in other ways, too: cdddddddddr provides excellent tonguing practice for woodwind players, especially the bassoonists among you.

By the way, for compatibility with Common Lisp, it’s not necessary to go all the way up 1022. Call (cdadderize 14) to give you:

(caaar caadr caar cadar caddr cadr car cdaar cdadr cdar cddar cdddr cddr cdr)

whereas 30 gives you everything up to cddddr.

To be honest, I can’t see myself using these very much. Well, OK: I will never use these. But I like the idea that the ever-adaptable Lisp was once written for vacuum-tubes and can still run like the wind on my iMac.


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