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January 30, 2008

Welcome Arc, a new LISP!

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Congratulations to Paul Graham and Robert Morris on the birth of their new Lisp language, Arc. It’s great to see another new Lisp addition to the family of Lisp.
I liked these quotes:

Arc is designed above all for exploratory programming: the kind where you decide what to write by writing it. Exploratory programming is the fun end of programming.

It’s not for everyone. In fact, Arc embodies just about every form of political incorrectness possible in a programming language.

It’s not a coincidence that we wrote a language for exploratory programming rather than the sort where an army of programmers builds a big, bureaucratic piece of software for a big, bureaucratic organization.

newLISP encourages experimentation and exploration, and that’s made possible by the rich built-in function library, the design of the language, and the involvement of the newLISP community. I built the blogging engine that you’re reading now by exploring and trying out ideas, and not being too concerned at first with the theoretical niceties of functional programming. I think that newLISP encourages that approach, as well as allowing for more serious programming.

I suspect that Messrs Graham and Morris would be very happy if people like me – not just Common Lisp initiates – were able to do the same thing with Arc.

Good luck, Arc!


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  1. I find the approach of implementing arc within mzscheme unfortunate. It requires an old (pre-racket) version which is probably deemed more or less obsolete by the PLT people.

    Comment by schillingklaus — June 23, 2012 @ 18:01 | Reply

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