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December 31, 2007

Vote for somebody!

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2007 has been a great year for newLISPers! We’ve seen a new graphics toolkit, two major releases (9.1 and 9.2), a movie trilogy, two objected-oriented frameworks, a superfast editor written in newLISP, a newlispweb web framework, the newLISP fan club wiki, a brace of new bloggers, and lots of good code from some skilled programmers.

I also managed to write a bit of code this year, including this blogging engine (the LamdbaPress), various GUI apps, source-code formatting, a port of Markdown (I never want to look at that code again!), and a TEX to HTML translator that produces the Introduction to newLISP (which is kindly hosted at newlisp.org. None of this code would win any prizes for elegance or idiomatic Lispiness (or even reliability); but we all do what we’re best at!

However, there are prizes to be won: don’t forget to vote for some of the elegant and ingenious entries in the newLISP 2007 competition. You have a few more days to vote…

And if you didn’t get round to submitting an entry for this year’s competition, get coding for the 2008 competition!

As ever, a big thanks to Lutz and everyone in the newLISP community for your contributions over the year. 2007 has been fun.

Now for 2008!


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