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April 27, 2006

Lisp in a widget for Mac OS Tiger

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When I’m trying to write a Lisp script, I find it useful to be able to type stuff into the interpreter. Obvious? Well, I don’t know, I’ve got very used to writing in BBEdit and hitting Run. So I don’t always have an intepreter window running. But sometimes it’s useful.

I first thought it would be cool to have a Lisp Dashboard widget – widgets can do this sort of thing, so it wouldn’t be impossible. But then I realised that I didn’t have to try to make a new widget, I could use an existing one, WidgetTerm.

This lets you have a floating Lisp window just a few pixels away from your editing window. The Terminal widget isn’t absolutely perfect (it doesn’t do Unicode characters, for example), but it does do drag and drop reasonably well.

By the way, to make Dashboard widgets appear floating over your desktop, rather than just inside the Dashboard layer, you must type the following incantation:

defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES

in some sort of terminal. You can then ‘drag’ a widget from the widget layer to the main screen.



  1. >/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.appAm I missing something?

    Comment by Anonymous — May 1, 2006 @ 07:23 | Reply

  2. >don’t know – have you tried both?

    Comment by newlisper — May 1, 2006 @ 09:29 | Reply

  3. >”Am I missing something?”Aside from the fact that using Terminal is obvious (read non-hack), newlisper clues us in on how to solve the whole, “How do I get my stupid widgets to show up on my Desktop?” problem. Don’t get me wrong, I use Terminal constantly and wouldn’t consider replacing it with any JavaScript (JavaScript!?) widget. I just wanted to call attention to newlisper’s efforts and thought the info on using defaults to set Dashboard was cool. To each his own. If you prefer Terminal, great. If newlisper wants to exercise his mind and discover a new way to do something, plus bother to write up his experiences for us to profit from, then that’s great, too. Great of him and great for us. I guess what your missing is all this greatness! :-)m i c h a e l

    Comment by Anonymous — May 1, 2006 @ 15:38 | Reply

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